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Step #1 General Information

If your site is not mobile friendly, you’ll be driving users to your competitors. However, with a mobile-friendly website you will turn your visitors into customers.

Check It Out And Imagine Your Own…

A Mobile Site Is Essential…

Restaurant, Bar, Cafe
Let your customers know what’s fresh on your menu, charm them with venue photos and help them locate your place in seconds. Mobile site for Restaurant
Hair stylist, Personal Trainer or Plumber
If you need to be found among thousands of others, your mobile site will be there to help. business mobile site
B&B, Motel, Hostel
If your customers need to find a place to sleep, let them rely on you. Impress them with your room gallery and a mobile-friendly booking process. business mobile site
Car Dealer, Car Towing, Mechanic
For fast moving customers looking for a solution to their 4-wheel query, provide your ever-updated offer, image and video gallery and even tech specs. mobile design
Doctor, Dentist, Salon & Spa
When looking for a doctor, people need the best one around. Show them your staff, scope of services, opening hours and let them click to call you. business mobile site
Any Other Business
No matter what business you run our team will make your mobile site stand out. Your mobile visitors will experience a professionally designed site with essential features on the go. business mobile site

Why Should I Make My Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile searches are starting to surpass desktop searches, which means more people are actually looking for you on the go than at their regular computers. If your website is not mobile optimized, it will not render properly on a mobile device and your chance at capturing that customer’s attention decreases substantially.

Mobile smartphone users require speed, and your regular website may not load fast enough on a mobile browser. We’ve all been there trying to load a website on our phones and waiting, waiting, waiting – even on a 4G connection speed!

If you’re site is mobile optimized, that long downloading time for your regular site is eliminated and the mobile version pops up quickly.

What good is it if someone finds your site via search, downloads the page quickly and navigates to the page they’re looking for only to not be able to read the text display? It is not fun scrolling right/left/up/down when your regular website is displayed on a mobile device.

Text must be easily viewable as well on mobile devices since the screen size is so much smaller than the desktop version, meaning font size and selection is of paramount importance. Mobile website optimization solves this annoying issue.